The Story of a Photographer

Capturing moments, people and places through the cameral lens has been a passion of mine since childhood, through college, world travels, and now into my brands and motherhood. I am a wife, mother, fourth generation Napa Valley vintner as well as a passionate visual storytelling professional.

My experience with launching and managing multiple luxury brands in Napa Valley & Sonoma County has helped me harness an awareness and understanding of the needs of brands in visual storytelling and content creation.

As part of a large and active extended family, I know first hand the importance of capturing the growth, expansion, celebration and special moments in life. And becoming a mother has given me added perspective on how fleeting those moments can be, and how vital it is to document them.

This combination of professional and personal application makes me the ideal person to help others capture important moments and to illustrate your story, bringing products and passions to life - to share.

Drop an inquiry below and let me know how I can help you.

me & Mine

Photos By Jennifer Rogozyan & Editing Prinsley Photography